First Rack Program Designed to Benefit Youth, Similar to First Tee in Golf

We are in the early stages of forming “The First Rack” just like the “First Tee” in golf.
We are setting up a corporation to approach our pool industry and major outside corporations as well.

Our children are the future of the game and we need to face the facts, pool needs a good shot in the arm worldwide. We are beginning research now in order to approach major players moving forward, all with one common goal in mind, pools future.

Shannon and I are excited to tackle this project as we know the rewards it can bring to enhance even more for our game, again, worldwide. This, by no means, is for our profit, but an investment for the game. It will put cues in younger hands and in return the pool industry can flourish and consequently, produce more dollars within the industry.

We will discuss this goal with some of our industry leaders, promoters, and outside leaders industry as well. This could be the beginning of bigger and better participation for the game of pool. Imagine in a year or so what this could generate for all those involved, more billiard rooms, more instructors, more table sales, and more enthusiasm, which we definitely need to have.

Again, my daughter and I are excited to launch this wonderful opportunity as soon as possible. More information will be available before this years U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, October 21-27 and at the Trade Show. We will keep everyone posted as this time draws nearer.

Barry Behrman & Shannon Behrman Paschall
U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships
& Q- Master Billiards