First Round WPBL Playoffs: Cruise Upset The Hustlers

In the third match of the World Professional Billiard League’s 2013-2014 Playoffs the Houston Hustlers took on the Miami Cruise at the WPBL Arena in Las Vegas February 7, 2014.
A difficult cut shot by Jose Parica clinched the match for the Cruise, who upset the Hustlers 7-4 in Friday’s first round of the WPBL Championship Playoff tournament. Miami only needed to avoid a shut-out in the match's final game of 3 on 3, which happened when Parica sank a one point purple ball giving #10 seed Miami the win.
Miami had a chance to clinch the match a game earlier in singles, however Hunter Lombardo couldn't finish off Justin Hall in a shoot-out that Hall won 31-18, putting Houston within 7-4. The loss was the only one for Miami in singles, as Jose Parica and Corey Deuel knocked off Chip Compton and Jeremy Jones 30-9 and 30-10 respectively.
Houston's only regulation win came in doubles, when Compton and Hall defeated Parica and Lombardo 30-21 to tie the match at 3-3 at intermission.
Miami's win makes it three straight lower seeds to pull off a first round upset after #12 Atlanta and #11 Pittsburgh were victorious in the first two matches of the $120,000 single-elimination tournament.
The Cruise will face #4 seed Minnesota Outlaws Tuesday at 6:30pm PST in the second round, while Saturday's match features the Philadelphia Aces vs. Las Vegas Dice, also at 6:30.
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