First US Open eliminations

Stephan Cohen

Wednesday afternoon matches are complete at the 28th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship and the first players to be eliminated from the event have been handed their walking papers.

Twenty time French champion Stephan Cohen was shown to the bleachers by Eric Durbin with an 11-7 loss. 'The Sniper' Tony Crosby dropped a hill-hill match to Mark Gregory and was eliminated. Dennis Coulter lost 11-7 to Larry Nevel and was eliminated from the event. Rodney Strickland was upended by Tony Chohan 11-2 and eliminated from the event. Robb Saez was upset 11-6 and went 'two and out' for the event.

Marquee matches scheduled for Wednesday evening include:
Former collegiate champion Max Eberle vs former Junior National Champion Shane McMinn
Shawn Putnam vs Danny Hewitt
Johnny Archer vs Mika Immonen
Ralf Souquet vs Marcus Chamat
Earl Strickland vs Troy Frank
John Horsfall vs Frankie Hernandez

Brackets are online and are updated with Wednesday afternoon results. We have posted the gallery from the players meeting as well as a gallery from the tournament itself.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe