Fisher and Fisher advance in WPBA West Coast Classic

Kelly Fisher

The 2nd day of the West Coast Classic continued at Viejas casino on Friday. Local San Diego hero Tina Pawloski, who was put on the losers side by Vivian Villarreal the day before, won her second match against Tina Larson 9-7 before moving on to defeat veteran Belinda Campos-Calhoun 9-6. Jeannie Seaver won a hill-hill battle over Sarah Rousey and on the winners side Melissa Herndon had a 7-2 lead over Jeanette Lee before finishing Lee off 9-7.

Kelly Fisher and 'The Assassin' Monica Webb battled in a tough match as Webb stayed a step ahead of Fisher 6-4. K. Fisher went on to tie the score at 6-6 before scratching on the break to give Webb ball in hand. Webb proceeded to run the rack until she missed the 7 ball in the corner to give Fisher a 7-6 lead. In the next rack, K. Fisher missed the 1 ball in the side allowing Webb back to the table where she missed the 2 ball. K. Fisher was left a long shot on the 2 ball with the cue ball against the rail. Like the snooker champion K. Fisher is, she easily pocketed the ball and ran out the table to put herself on the hill. In the final rack K. Fisher broke and missed the 2 ball but left no shot for Webb. Webb tried to make the 2 ball but missed leaving K. Fisher the run out to win the match 9-6.

One table over, 'China Doll' Jennifer Chen and 'The Duchess of Doom' Allison Fisher had an exciting match with the score going back and forth with neither player taking more than a 1 game lead. The score went 8-8 with Chen breaking. After the break Chen was left a shot on the 1 ball where she was forced to use the bridge and missed. A. Fisher proceeded to make the 1 ball but left the 3 ball hanging in the corner pocket. Chen easily pocketed the 3 ball before missing the 4. Fisher left with a tough cut shot down the rail, opted to play a safety leaving Chen an open shot. Chen fired in the 4 and 5 ball and then accidentally hooked herself leaving the cue ball slightly behind the 7. Forced to break out her jump cue, Chen made a magnificent jump pocketing the 6 ball but the cue ball came dangerously close to scratching in the corner pocket leaving Chen a long shot on the 7. Unfortunately for Chen, she missed the 7 allowing Fisher to come back to the table to run the 2 balls to win the hill-hill match.

Complete brackets for the event are available on the WPBA website.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe