Fisher and Hofstatter lead WPBA Points List changes

Gerda Hofstatter

While Kelly Fisher's win this weekend at the WPBA West Coast Classic will definitely launch her up the WPBA points list, she will not be the one player making a big move.

Fisher's first place finish will move her from 13th place to 8th place when the WPBA releases their revised points list. Gerda Hofstatter's second place finish will also be enough to move her from 8th place up to 5th place and Vivian Villarreal's third place finish will move her from 9th to 7th. Moving down to make room for Fisher, Hofstatter and Villarreal, will be Ga-Young Kim and Helena Thornfeldt. Both players will drop 3 spots.

Although there will be no new players entering the ranks of the top sixteen, there will be a fair amount of shuffling within those ranks. The new points list will show the following changes...

Player Old Rank New Rank Movement
Jeanette Lee 3rd 4th -1
Julie Kelly 4th 3rd +1
Monica Webb 5th 6th -1
Ga-Young Kim 6th 9th -3
Helena Thornfeldt 7th 10th -3
Gerda Hofstatter 8th 5th +3
Vivian Villarreal 9th 7th +2
Tiffany Nelson 10th 11th -1
Melissa Herndon 11th 12th -1
Jennifer Barretta 12th 13th -1
Kelly Fisher 13th 8th +5
Jennifer Chen 14th 15th -1
Sarah Ellerby 15th 16th -1
Romana Dokovic 16th 14th +2

Other players making moves to get closer to the top sixteen included Kim Shaw, Laura Smith and Ramona Biddle who all three will gain one position on the list.

Photo courtesy of WPBA