Fisher vs Kim for 2005 Amway Cup

Allison Fisher worked out all of the angles on day three

The elimination rounds are now complete at the 2005 Amway Cup and the field has been reduced to six players. In the final four matches to determine those who would stay until the end Allison Fisher defeated Jeanette Lee 7-4, Ga-Young Kim overruled Shu-Han Chang 7-5, Karen Corr demolished Shin-Mei Liu 7-0 and Yuan-Chun Lin busted Kajitani Akimi 7-3.

Since there were ties in both brackets the first tie-breaker was used to determine our winners. This tie-breaker was who had won the most total racks throughout the week. Using this method the players who progressed from Bracket 'A" were Karen Corr, Shin-Mei Liu and Ga-Young Kim with Kim having the most rack wins and therefore gaining the honor of being placed in the semi-finals while Corr and Liu will be placed in the quarter-final bracket.

This brought about the following scoring situation in the two brackets:

Ga-Young Kim 3 2 11
Shin-Mei Liu 3 2 11
Karen Corr 3 2 11
Shu-Han Chang 2 3 9
Jasmin Ouchin 2 3 9
Jennifer Barretta 2 3 9
Allison Fisher 4 1 13
Yuan-Chun Lin 3 2 11
Jennifer Chen 3 2 11
Wendy Jans 3 2 11
Jeanette Lee 1 4 7
Akimi Kajitami 1 4 7

The 'B' Bracket finds Allison Fisher resting unchallenged in first while Wendy Jans and Yuan-Chun Lin will participate in the quarter-finals. Now the two brackets are eliminated and we are in a standard tournament format. Our first quarter-final match will be between Karen Corr and Yuan-Chun Lin and the second quarter-final will match Shin-Mei Liu against Wendy Jans.

But there is more than the normal news here in Taipei. The Amway Cup, an invitational event throughout its history, will next year become the WPA Women's World Championships and will feature a 48-player field chosen from players throughout the world. This championship will be televised live and will be a serious improvement over the somewhat spotty record of the previous women's world titles which have had a history of being sometimes played and sometimes canceled. The event will be held in May of 2006 here in Taipei.

The evening session for Day 3 is now complete and our finalists have been decided. The first match of the night saw Karen Corr retiring Yuan-Chun Lin 7-3. Shin-Mei Liu then ended Wendy Jan's run 7-5. Wendy and Lin earned 5-6 honors for their efforts.

Then Allison Fisher dusted Karen Corr 7-3 as Ga-Young Kim bettered Shin-Mei Liu 7-2. This sets up our final matches for Monday when Allison Fisher and Ga-Young Kim do battle for the championship and Shin-Mei Liu and Karen Corr will contest to decide third place.