Florian Kohler Wins Trick Shot Magic

Florian Kohler - David Thomson mediumpool.com
Trick Shot Magic, always garnering respectable ESPN viewership, never fails to please. Andy Segal was not to regain his title as it was Internet sensation Florian “Venom” Kohler’s time to turn the tables.
Nick Nikolaidis, again, lost on the Sudden Death, 8 railer where the cue baller that lands nearer the 100 dollar bill moves on to the final. Nick lost the lag and World Draw Shot Champion Gabi Visiou, wisely, asked him to shoot first: It’s the smart way to learn the speed of the Simonis. 
Expert jump shots, performed at the speed of light as players galloped round the table to screech to a sudden stop, raise their leg with knees cocked and stab at object balls with their cue sticks. This kept the audience amused as take after take was captured on tape.
Skill shots had balls pocketed 3 rails after contact, superb masse´s, and draw shots executed while the cue ball was still in motion had Venom and Gabi in close combat until at 6, Venom struck ahead and sealed the championship at 9.
Although the order of airing has not been determined, scheduled ESPN dates for all of the Billiards International events are December 13, 20, and 27. Mark your calendars, set your smart phones, these shows offer some of the closest, drama-filled footage captured to date.
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