Florian Kohler Wins XTM Masters of Trickshot

France's Florian Kohler wowed the audiences in Korea to win the 3rd Annual Masters of Trickshot. This event was part of the 2009 XTM Billiards Championship, produced by Dragon Promotions and XTM television,and took place at Yong-Deung-Po Times Square. The events will air on XTM and CJ Media Channels and are sponsored by www.Whois.co.kr, Takini Cloth, Min Tables, Predator Cues, Poison Cues, and Times Square Seoul.
The trickshot event competitors included Yu Ram Cha with her beauty and pool skills grabbing the media's attention and the hearts of the fans; top Korean trickshot artist  Moon Hwan Cho, little 10 year old wonder Myung Woo Cho, World Trickshot Champion artist Semih Seyginer, Japanese champion Nobuyasu Sakai, Taiwan's sexy star Amy Chen, France's trickshot genius Florian Kohler. In all seven players displayed their trickshot skills.

Not to disappoint,  the players showed a fabulous display of trickshots in response to the cheering fans.The artistry like pool skills of Moon Hwan Cho grabbed the attention of the fans, and strong and forceful strokes of the little kid wonder Myung Woo has received the endless applause from the audience. Semih Sayginer once again proved why he is considered the best in the world by displaying fancy shots mixed with his entertaining showmanship that brought out laughter and great applause. When Yu Ram's turn finally came, the audience doubled in size causing the spirit of the event to raise higher with anticpation. She  won over the hearts of the audience with her attractive demeanor and interaction with the fans.

But the night was Kohler's, and as the last perfomer of the night, he seemed to raise the bar to another level. He was finally in his realm, and was able to show his most exciting shots! In his cue case there were 17 cues, meeting up to his trickshot artist image, he displayed all kinds of different positioned jumpshots, crazy masses and other amazing displays, and caused the fans to applaud and rise to their feet.
"To play with Semih Sayginer is a dream come true because he is my biggest idol! This trip to Korea has been the greatest experience in my career thus far and I thank Dragon Promotions for this opportunity" said the enthusiastic Kohler.