Florida 8-Ball Challenge Results

The 3rd Annual Nations Mortgage Florida 8-ball Challenge took place at Beyond Billiards in Davie Florida on August 6th, 7th & 8th. The various events were open to all qualified league players from the APA, BCA, VNEA, TAP, NPL, ACS and other local independents.

There were various competitors from around the state of Florida that competed in Scotch Doubles, Women's Singles and an Open Singles Event.

The Scotch Doubles drew a filed of 32 teams, Women's Singles 14 and the Open Singles event had 48 entrants.

The action was great and everyone who participated had a wonderful weekend of pool. There was also a second chance tournament held Sunday, August 8th for anyone who finished out of the money in any of the various events.

The Following is a List of Event Winners & Prize Money

1st Vic Sherka / Flavio Lambada $500.00 + Trophy
2nd Randy E. / James Ladera $315.00 + Trophy
3rd Jose Fernandez / Rick Sanchez $215.00 + Trophy
4th Mike Block / George Saunders $170.00 + Trophy
5th / 6th Charlie England / Jimmy Fagan & Craig Daley / Jasbo Garcia $130.00
7th / 8th Richie Pugliese / Mark Armburst & Gary Gilsinan / Steven Rolls $70.00

1st Toni Tucker $400.00 + Trophy (Exemption to next event)
2nd Amy Poulter $200.00 + Trophy
3rd Alicia Hamilton $120.00 + Trophy
4th Colleen Russell $90.00 + Trophy
5th / 6th Kelley Deer , Cheryl Perez $50.00

1st Randy E. $800.00 + Trophy (Exemption to next event)
2nd James Ladera $600.00 + Trophy
3rd Shawn Forton $400.00 + Trophy
4th Joseph Guasp $240.00 + Trophy
5th / 6th Zeno Rawley, Jose Fernandez $160.00
7th / 8th George Saunders, Rick Sanchez $110.00
9th / 12th Billy Mathews, Aron Gold Rich Passero, Alfredo Marques $60

As Co-Owner & Tournament Director I would like to Thank my partner Steven Doch and express our thanks to Roland Smith and Beyond Billiards for hosting this event for the third Year. The staff at beyond Billiards was great and helped make this event the success we were all hoping for.

Philip Stickles – The Florida Challenge, Inc.