Fontenot, Ng and Guttierez win Lone Star triple bill

Tommy Tokoph, Kyu Yi, Ming Ng, Derek Fontenot

Derek Fontenot defeated Tommy Tokoph twice to take first place in the $1,000-added 9-Ball event of the Lone Star Tour on the weekend of July 10-11. Ming Ng won the $350-added Ladies event, and David Guttierez captured the $200-added One-Pocket title. The 9-Ball event drew 83 entrants to Bogie's Billiards in Houston, TX. The Ladies event drew 16 entrants, while the One-Pocket drew 13.  

Fontenot and Tokoph met first in the hot seat match. Tokoph had defeated Gerald Jackson 9-2 to get into that match, as Fontenot was busy sending Francisco Taylor west 9-6. Fontenot took the first of his two versus Tokoph 9-7 to gain the hot seat. 

Moving over to the one-loss side, Jackson picked up Billy Sharp, who'd defeated Tony Mendietta and James Davis, Jr. to reach him. Taylor met up with Jason Bacon, who'd shutout Thomas Madison and defeated Mike Alonzo in a hill-hill battle.  Bacon got by Taylor to meet Jackson, who'd defeated Sharp 7-2. In the quarterfinals that followed, Jackson and Taylor got to double hill, before Jackson prevailed for his second chance versus Tokoph in the semifinals. 

For the second time, Tokoph gave up only two racks against Jackson, though on the one-loss side, he only had to win seven to advance. Tokoph moved into the true double elimination finals for a second chance against Fontenot. Fontenot made a second set unnecessary, defeating Tokoph 9-4 to take home the first place prize. 

Ming Ng took home her first place prize, after a 7-3 victory over Kyu Yi in the finals of the Ladies event. Deanna Kniola finished in third place, with Terry Petrosino in fourth.  The one-pocket finals between Charlie Bryant and David Guttierez went two sets. With Gutierrez resident in the hot seat, Bryant took the first set 3-0. Gutierrez came back in the second set to win 2-0 and take home the top prize.  James Davis, Jr. finished in third place. 

1st Derek Fontenot $800
2nd Tommy Tokoph $500
3rd Gerald Jackson $300
4th Jason Bacon $250
5th Francisco Taylor $200
Billy Sharp
7th Mike Alonzo $175
James Davis, Jr.
9th Thomas Madison $100
Jesse Moore
Ernesto Bayaua
Tony Mendietta
13th Sonny Bosshamer $70
Raymond Cardenas
Rodney Stewart
Yoko Joe
17th Dalton Riley $40
Brian Rosenbaum
Will Felder
Charlie Bryant
Brent Thomas
Andy Jethwa
Jeff Fox 

1st Ming Ng $260
2nd Kyu Yi $150
3rd Deanna Kniola $100
4th Terry Petrosino $65 

1st David Gutierrez $700
2nd Charlie Bryant $400
3rd James Davis, Jr. $200