Fortunski and Capito to Contest 2024 UK Open Pool Final

Mieszko Fortunski

Mieszko Fortunski and Robbie Capito will contest the BetVictor 2024 UK Open Pool Championship final at the Telford International Centre live on broadcasters worldwide, including DAZN, Viaplay, and Sky Sports in the UK.

Semi Final Results

Mieszko Fortunski 11-4 Petri Makkonen

Robbie Capito 11-8 Pijus Labutis

Despite winning the lag, Petri Makkonen’s scratch from break and failure to pot the 8-ball in the first rack foreshadowed the misfortune he would face against Mieszko Fortunski.

Capitalising on the Finnish player’s mistake in rack 1, Fortunski gained momentum, executing a perfect 2-9 combo in the fourth rack to eventually reach 6-0. However, Makkonen finally claimed his first two racks after overcoming a safety shot in rack 7, followed by a golden break to make it 6-2. Fortunski swiftly snatched back two racks to make it 8-2, leading the pair to engage in an exchange of safety shots in rack 11. Makkonen redeemed himself this time, setting up a trap that forced Fortunski to scratch, allowing him to sweep and make it 8-3.

Repeating history, Makkonen’s dry break in rack 12 handed back the opportunity to Fortunski, who reignited his momentum once more to reach the hill. The butcher showcased his skill set in the final rack with a jump shot to pot the 3-ball, followed by a 4-6 combo, eventually sweeping the table to secure his spot as a finalist.

To conclude the semi-finals, Robbie Captino and Pijus Labutis entered into a tense and strategic battle. Labutis claimed the first three racks, delivering safety shots that Capito was initially unable to counter. It wasn’t until the fourth rack where Capito found his redemption, executing a kick shot on the 7-ball to sweep and claim his first rack.

Maintaining composure, Capito proceeded to clear the table in a 6-rack win streak, claiming the lead at 6-3. The streak came to a halt in rack 10 following a foul shot on the 8-ball, allowing Labutis to steal the rack. Capito fired back, escaping another safety with an incredible long bank shot of the 1-ball to sweep up and make it 7-4.

The pressure weighed heavily on both players, evident in their struggles in the subsequent racks. Rack 13 saw them both make back-to-back scratches, granting Labutis a brief catch-up to bring the score to 8-7. In a desperate attempt to equalise, Labutis tried to clear the table in rack 16, only to leave the 5-ball on the edge for Capito to seize.

Despite Capito reaching the hill at rack 18, Labutis persisted in setting traps to mount a comeback, reminiscent of the first round. However, his failure to pot the 2-ball in rack 20 sealed his fate, allowing Capito to sweep the table once more and secure victory in this epic battle.

Final – Race to 13

Mieszko Fortunski (POL) vs Robbie Capito (HKG)

The UK Open Pool Championship final will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland with fans in the USA and Brazil able to watch on DAZN whilst those in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, Netherlands, and Iceland can watch live on Viaplay.

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Tickets are available from £22 to enjoy the action of the final at Telford International Centre. Secure your ticket here

Session Times – UK time
Sunday, 12 May – 6 pm – 9:30 pm

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