Forum member “CaliRed” to film at Derby City Classic this year


One of AZB's own forum members is headed to the Derby City Classic this year, for his 1st time, and it will not be just to relax and enjoy the event.  After finding out in October that he would be able to take his 1st vacation in 13 years and fulfill his dream of going to the Derby City Classic, Greg aka “CaliRed” sat down and thought about how he could make this opportunity be something more than just fun for him.  He wanted to do something to help the pool community and in particular the DCC.  Greg has great admiration for Greg Sullivan and the vision he has of the DCC, and he wanted to come up with something that might help the Derby in some way.

Greg's plan is attend the Derby for all 9 days and to capture the experience of the Derby thru video and images.  Some of the areas of focus will be…..

1.       Video footage of matches being played, the art of “woofing” and the experience of being in the crowd
2.       Video interviews of players, event organizers, fans and vendors,  with the theme of “What does the Derby mean to you”
3.       Stories about the Derby from fans and players
4.       Hall of Fame Ceremony
5.       Footage from all of the different events at the Derby

He will be filming with a handheld High Definition camcorder and plans on stopping many fans and players, to find out what the Derby means to them.     Over the next few months, he plans to go thru all the footage and edit it down to a DVD.

Greg says “I love the whole idea of the Derby, it is done in the spirit of the Johnston City tournaments held in the 60's” .   “I wanted to do something to try and get more people excited about going to the Derby, to attract new fans and get them to wanting to come to the Derby”

Greg hopes that his Derby Project will get new fans, that have never went to the Derby, to want to experience it for themselves.  He hopes the Derby City Classic lives on for many years to come and this was his way to try and help Greg Sullivan get more people there, so it can live on.

Greg will also being giving updates on what's going on at the Derby each day, at his Derby City Classic Blog, located at