Fox Tv Visits Hunter Classics Women’s 9-Ball Tour

Kim White
Fox Tv Visits Hunter Classics Women's 9-Ball Tour

FOX TV cameras filmed the Season Finale of the Hunter Classics Amateur Women's Tour at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas Oct 28, 2006. Local Houston affiliate FOX TV heard about Kim White (WPBA President who lives in Houston) and arrived Sunday with cameras and crew to capture players in action and conduct interviews to find out how Kim started her professional career on the Hunter Classics Tour. FOX TV was thirsty for great footage and their taste buds were fulfilled as they caught the final game of a thrilling hill-hill semi-final match of the main event, which Tara McCracken from Dallas won over Rachael Abbink from Canada.

Kim White, Hunter Classics Tour Champion of 2000, was on hand to explain the rules of 9-ball, the passion of 9-ball, why women's pool is so popular, and also how the regional tours are a key step in becoming a women's professional billiards player. As Kim stated in her interview with FOX, “the regional women's tours are an important part of the process to become a professional billiards player.” Kim looked around at all the matches and reflected, “I got my start on this very tour.”

Fifty-one women came to compete at the season finale and Jerry Williams of Bogies Billiards was an exceptional and gracious host. Local Houston-ian Terry Petrosino won Most Improved Player due to her tremendous rise in the rankings from last year. Another award winner was Heather Lloyd from Austin capturing the Hunter Classics Tour Champion title. Heather stopped an impressive 5-year run where Leslie Anne Rogers captured the title from 2001 to 2005. Heather stated, “Her streak was an incredible accomplishment and I am honored to follow such a fantastic opponent.” Heather also won the tournament and the WPBA Qualifier.

FOX TV was eager to interview Kim White on their live 30-minute Sunday night sports program. Keith Calkins, FOX TV Sportscaster, stated the feedback of the story on FOX was very positive. “Few realized there were feeder tours or knew about Kim White or her successes – the story about her and the Hunter Classics Tour was definitely worthwhile.” Keith added, “in fact, we plan on following Kim next year on one of her stops and have her escort us through the weekend to show us and the viewers the ins, outs, and how's of the WPBA tour.”

The coverage from main stream media is always sought after by billiard events and the Hunter Classics Tour members were elated to be able to showcase their skills for the camera. Heather Lloyd, Amanda Lampert, Tracie Voelkering, Rachael Abbink, Tara McCracken and Kim White were all taped for the story on FOX TV.

Women travel from all parts of the United States and sometimes from around the world. Players from China, England and Canada have come to play and compete in the 9-ball tournaments of the Hunter Classics Amateur Women's Tour. Several current WPBA players played on the Hunter Classics Tour back when they were amateurs. For example, Sarah Ellerby, Kelly Fisher, Ramona Biddle, Melissa Little and in the early years of the tour, Karen Corr and Monica Webb. Rising star Xiaoting Pan, from Mainland China, has also participated in a few events as well as New Mexico phenom, 19 year old Anna Kostanian. Both Xiaoting and Anna, this year, attained their WPBA Pro Status and the Hunter Classics Tour helped them to achieve that goal.

The Hunter Classics Tour has been in existence since 1994. Wes Hunter, well-known and highly-regarded cuemaker from Alamogordo, New Mexico, donates a Hunter Classics Custom Cue to every tournament, which sponsors the tour. The Hunter Classics Tour is nationally recognized for its low entry fee, high attendance, second chance tournaments, and 100% payback to 1/3 to 1/2 of the field paid every time. Each Hunter Classics tournament is a WPBA Qualifier with at least $2,000 guaranteed added to the prize fund. So, if you are looking to fulfill your dream of becoming a women's professional billiards player, the Hunter Classics Tour is one of the roads to take. More information can be found at