Free Aramith product give-away celebrates 50th year of leadership

To celebrate its 50th year of world leadership in quality billiard balls, the Belgian brand gives away hundreds of products of its new My Aramith product line to billiard players across the world.

Few doubt on Aramith's leadership in quality billiard balls. An estimated 90% of all pool, snooker and carom rooms in the world utilize the various Aramith sets, and a majority of all residential tables opt for them as well. Virtually all tournaments, championships, and billiard events utilise exclusively Aramith in their tournaments, and professional players around the world vouch for Aramith only to guarantee their performance.
Launched in the early fifties, Aramith's unique quality made the Belgian maker reach supremacy very quickly. With other makers exiting the market, this leadership in quality guaranteed also leadership in market share. Still Aramith doesn't take its position for granted as it feels customers are entitled to be utterly demanding. Constantly innovating new products, Aramith recently introduced the Fusion by

Aramith dining pool table, and is now proud to introduce its “my aramith” line, a unique product program that addresses the frequent player's need to train with his own professional ball set in perfect condition at his local billiard room.  

“We've tested it out at several trade shows, international markets and pool rooms, and we see an increasing number of players that besides their own cue, prefer to play or train with their own high quality set for better results. Pool room owners don't mind at all : by letting them play with their own sets they patronize the league teams at their room”, says Curt Bossuyt, CEO of the company. “Still, carrying the balls with you wasn't an easy thing to do. With our new stylish ball and cue case, or shoulder ball case, players can now easily take their prefered set with them anytime. Moreover, with the personalized cue ball, they can have their or their team name engraved in the cue ball adding a nice personal touch to their individual set.”

Several hundreds of these products are now given away (before end of year 2008) for free to celebrate Aramith's 50th year of leadership in billiards. To enter, there's no obligation to purchase, it's totally free and all that is needed is to log in on where more information on the products and the give-away is available.