Freezer takes down Preacher Ronn Invitational

Lenny Marshall and Scott Frost

It was a good day for one pocket with 19 players coming out for Preacher Ronn's One Pocket at Kolby's Corner Pocket in Tempe AZ this past Saturday. 

Some of the top players in the tournament were 2010 DCC One Pocket Champion Scott "The Freezer" Frost who was the hands down favorite, Bernie Pettipiece, Mike "Pancake" Pankoff, Preacher Ronn Rutan along with many others. Mike Pankoff and Scott Frost tore through the top half of the bracket with Chris "Weasel" Adams and Fast Lenny Marshall running through the bottom half. Scott beat Mike to move on for the hot seat match as did Lenny defeating Chris. 

The Freezer and Fast Lenny met for the hot seat match and it went to the hill but Scott played great and put Lenny to the losers side. Pankoff took down straight pool legend Babe Thompson to move ahead and face Sammy Martinez, Sammy defeated Pankoff in a very solid match. To face Scott in the finals Sammy would have to beat Lenny but it was not to be as Lenny delivered a shutout to Sammy. The finals was a near replay of the hot seat match between Fast Lenny and the Freezer but Scott lost the first set hill-hill. Set number two went hill-hill also with a good crowd watching with enthusiasm, Lenny needing one ball ended up scratching removing a ball from Scott's pocket sealing his fate as Scott captured the tournament. 

Congrats to the top finishers and all the players who showed up to the monthly one pocket at Kolby's, the next tournament will be April 24th and starts at noon. Special thanks to Jimmy Sears for running the tournament and for streaming it live for the online viewers to sweat. For more info on the one pocket tournament you can contact Ronn Rutan at .