Frost dominates Olhausen Desert All Around One Pocket Event

Scott Frost and Mitch Ellerman

The Olhausen Desert All Around Tour was at Kolby's Corner Pocket in Tempe, Arizona on September 22nd - 23rd for the yearly one pocket event. Kolby's has turned into a home for one pocket players in the area and they came out to support the event with a field of 46 players.

Without a doubt, the top seed in this event was Scott Frost. Frost has just come back to town after three weeks on the road, but he wasn't going to miss the one pocket event. Frost would be challenged in this event by points leader Mitch Ellerman and they appeared destined for a showdown in the hot-seat match.

The match for the hot-seat was a classic confrontation between the young hot-shot Ellerman, who has never seen a shot he didn't like, and the veteran experience of Frost. Experience won out to the tune of 3-0 and Ellerman went to the one loss side to face Terry Osborne.

Osborne had just come off a marathon 3-1 win over Bernie Pettipiece, but Ellerman made quick work of him 3-0 to earn another shot at Frost in the extended race to five final match.

Frost and Ellerman have become frequent opponents in the finals of All Around Tour stops, and this final looked to be another close one as a couple uncharacteristic errors by Frost led to a 2-2 score. Frost crept ahead 3-2 and by the time he took a 4-2 lead, Ellerman's will was broken. Frost took control of the final game and Ellerman threw in the towel when the end was near.

Frost's first place finish will narrow Ellerman's points list lead to only 150 points with three events left to play.

The Olhausen Desert All Around Tour will be at Metro Sportz Bar in Phoenix on October 20 - 21, 2007 for a $1000 added barbox 9-ball event.