Fu and Fan Win Chinese Pool World Championships

Xiao Fang Fu and Yang Fan
Xiao Fang Fu and Yang Fan are the 2017 Chinese Pool World Champions. 
Both players won hard fought close matches against their opponents on the final day of the 2017 “Yaqi Group Cup” Chinese Pool World Championship in Yu Shan, China. 
The day’s matches were split in two with the ladies playing a session of sixteen racks first. Jin Peng Yu led this part of the match the entire session, but Xiao Fang Fu made a late comeback to only trail the match 9-7 at the break. 
Next up was the men, and Yang Fan played to a 10-10 draw with his opponent, Bing Jie Chu in their first session.
The ladies then came back to finish their race to seventeen, and things came down to the wire at 16-16. The final game turned into a battle when Fu was unable to pocket the 8-ball. The players exchanged shots until Yu’s delicate safety attempt went awry and she gave up ball in hand on the 8-ball to a visibly relieved Fu, who happily pocketed the final 8-ball for her first World Championship. 
The men’s final saw their race to twenty one come down to a 20-19 scoreline when Chu was unable to complete a tricky out and gave up an open table to Fan to finish off the match. Fan calmed his nerves long enough to run the final balls and earn his first World Championship.
Fu earned just under $60,000 in prize money for her win, and Fan earned just under $90,000 for his win.