Full field at Jay Swanson Memorial

Jose Parica

February 7  in Hollywood California the 13th annual Jay "Swanee" Swanson Memorial tournament kicked off.   As always Hollywood Billiards was packed with players from all over the west coast. Such greats such as Jose Parica, Tang Hoa, King Kong, Max Eberle, Scott Frost,  Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez, Brian Parks, Mitch Ellerman, Corey Harper and Justin Bergman to name a few, showed up for this 2 day affair. The tournament filled up quickly with 192 players and some even had to get on a waiting list with hopes that some people would drop out or sell their spot. Unfortunately  no luck for those on the waiting list.  With $4000 added no one was giving up their spots without a fight.  

So far there have been some great matches such as Freddy Boggs from Las Vegas and Gus Briseno from Phoenix with Freddy emerging the victor with a 8-5 win. Mitch Ellerman won his first match with a 8-6 score. Scott Frost snapped off his first win against Stan Tourangeau 8-4. Surprising first round lost was Corey Harper against Jeff Meaox. The matches continue with everyone still in.