Further IPT Payment Delays Force Players To Organize

Rodney Morris

The continuing story of the International Pool Tour and the delay in payment from September's World Open 8-Ball Championship took another turn late Friday when players started receiving phone calls from the IPT explaining that the $3,000,000 prize fund was going to be reduced to $1,000,000 and paid out over three monthly payments. It was explained to the players that this was not a proposal, but simply a decision made by IPT management with no reason given.

This news came as a shock to players as IPT Founder Kevin Trudeau had previously assured them they would be paid in full for the Reno event and would also receive a "gift" to make up for the delays.

Immediately following the news of these calls from IPT staff, players worldwide immediately showed disapproval and an onslought of negative publicity started flowing towards the IPT. The players made it clear that they are banding together and have no intention of settling for anything less than payment in full for all past debts. World Open Runner-Up Rodney Morris, while competing in the World Pool Championship, commented that he would only accept full payment ($150K) and the majority of the IPT players at the World Championship have sided with him in this matter.

At the time of this writing, the players have already formed a committee and are seeking various avenues of recourse. Meanwhile, IPT continues to hold qualifiers despite the fact that they have indefinitely "postponed" their three remaining 2006 tour events including the 2007 Tour Card qualifier. Currently, all 2007 tour events are "to be announced".

While organization and structure have always been a weak point in the billiards industry, this episode has certainly pushed the players to begin seeing the value of "strength in numbers".

We will inform our readers of any news as it breaks regarding this situation.