Ga Young Kim Wins WPBA Colorado Classic

Ga Young Kim

The Final match of the 2009 WPBA Colorado Classic is set, with Kelly Fisher looking for her first win of 2009.  Meanwhile, the 2009 U.S. Open 9 Ball Champion, Ga Young Kim, was gunning for her second win this season!  We knew this could end up a quick match since both players are known for their fast play.  

Kelly Fisher won the lag and pocketed a ball on the break.  She proceeded to run out and take the first game of the match.  Ga Young stepped up and broke, pocketing a ball. She was forced to play safe on the 2, and Kelly successfully re- safed Ga Young, snookering her behind the 4.  Ga Young made a beautiful jump shot, pocketing the 2 and frankly, got lucky as she missed the 4 in the corner but missed it good, with it rolling into the other corner!  After making the 5, she came down a bit too far, partially hooking herself on the 6 and was forced to play a safe.  Kelly's return safety attempt was sub-par but Ga Young couldn't capitalize on it as she missed the 6 in the corner.  Kelly's shot wasn't any easier and she too missed a long 6 ball shot.  Ga Young was finally able to get a good shot on the ball and ran out to tie the match.  

Kelly broke and made a ball but missed the 3 and Ga Young took advantage of the error and ran out to go up 2-1, and go into game 4 with the break.  She pocketed a ball but was forced to play safe as the two went back and forth on the 2 ball.  Ga Young made the 2 and nearly pocketed the 9 ball but instead, had a very long shot tough cut on the 3.  The crowd applauded as she sank it, coming up short shape for the 4 in the side. She not only pocketed the 4 but sent the cue ball up table to hit the 9 in that was sitting by the corner pocket and she took a 3-1 lead.  

Kelly is never one to give up easily, and went into game 5 with the break.  She pocketed a ball, and proceeded to navigate through the rack.  The only problem ball was the 3, sitting behind the 8 on the side rail.  She decided to play a safe, leaving Ga Young to jump.  Once again her trusty jump cue worked, making the 5 ball carom off of the 3 but she was forced to play safe on the 3 ball.  She came up short, leaving Kelly with a very long spot shot.  She made it, but another safety battle was underway on the 4.  Kelly came out ahead on that one, but the crowd groaned as she scratched off the 4 ball and Ga Young ran out to take a 4-1 lead.  

Ga Young broke, made a ball and came back off the one ball for shape on the 2, breaking it away from the 9 ball that it was tied up with.  Her cue ball died a bit on her though, and she was only inches away from the 2.  She played an amazing back cut shot, sending the cue ball 3 rails around the table, pocketing the 4 ball that had been sitting deep in the corner pocket. She gained shape on the five ball, sinking it down the rail, but was presented with a problem from the 6 to the 7. The 7 was below the 8 ball about 4”, and Ga Young came to the short side of the ball.  Instead of trying for the offensive cut shot, she elected to play safe, sticking the cue ball behind the 8 and sending the 7 ball up table to rest on the rail.  Kelly had only the short rail kick shot available to her, and missed the ball entirely giving Ga Young ball in hand and in record time, Ga Young took a 5-1 lead.  

Kelly broke in game 7, pocketing a ball and played a great safe on the 1.  Ga Young was forced to kick 2 rails, successfully hitting the ball, leaving the cue ball on the end rail and the one ball 8' away.  It was a tough nearly straight in shot that Kelly faced, and she couldn't come with the shot.  But Ga Young couldn't make the long slice down the rail and Kelly was able to pocket the one ball in the side.  She continued on in an attempt to stop the bleeding in this match and ran out, down 2-5.   But Ga Young had the break in game 8, making a ball and putting together an awesome run out after some tricky Position play through the first 4 balls of the rack.  She was now on the hill, 6-2.  

Kelly broke in game 9, and although she made a ball, she had no open pocket for the 1 ball, much to her obvious disgust.  She tried a tough 1/7 combination, perhaps out of frustration, and left Ga Young with the cue ball sitting over the 7 forcing her to jack up.  She missed the 1 and Kelly stepped back to the table.  She executed a poor safety and Ga Young, feeling no fear, made a bank into the side pocket.  She would have to do it again for the 2, but missed it.  Just as luck had it, she snookered the cue ball behind the 5 while the 2 went up table, and Kelly kicked one rail.  She hit the ball, leaving Ga Young with a partial jump shot.  This time though, her jump cue failed her as the 2 ball hung in the pocket.  Kelly focused all of her energy into this rack, running out but still down 3-6.   

Ga Young went into game 10 with the break advantage and pocketed 3 balls! She had the 2 ball first, then the 3, 5, 7, 8 & 9 left between her and her 2nd title of the 2009 Season winning 7-3.

Many thanks go out to Sky Ute Casino and Resort and the Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado for their amazing hospitality and beautiful hotel, casino and venue.  Ben Fernandez, Tracy McKellip, Carol Taylor and General Manager Matt Olin (pictured here with our two competitors) and the entire staff and crew at Sky Ute were fantastic and we look forward to coming back next year.  We had some amazing individuals come and shot- clock volunteer for us; Michael Cometsevah and crew from Slop Shot Billiards in Gallup, NM – Thanks so much!  Kathy, Lenore, Susan – so wonderful of you to drive from Denver and join us!  Terri and Claudia from AZ, you guys ROCK!  

And finally, thanks to Aramith, the American Poolplayers Association, Brunswick Billiards, Cuetec Cues, Mueller Recreation Products, and Simonis, Inc. for their continued support and sponsorship of the WPBA and women's billiards!  

Our next event is just around the corner! The 2009 WPBA Pacific Coast Classic where Kelly Fisher is the defending Champion at Chinook Winds Casino and Resort at Lincoln City, OR – October 14 – 18, 2009.  Tickets are on sale now! Go to for more information.  See you next time!