Gabe Owen Announces His New “One Pocket My Way” DVD Series

Gabe Owen, U.S. Open Champion, One Pocket Champion, and Atlanta Pro 10 Ball Champion, is proud to announce he has produced a set of TWO One Pocket training DVD's – “One Pocket May Way” Beginner/Intermediate and “One Pocket May Way” Advanced.

Gabe is anxious to finally announce that his Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced DVDs are now available.  These would make great holiday gifts for all pool players, especially those that love the game of One Pocket that has been growing in popularity.

Gabe has always wanted to put together a One Pocket DVD and share some of his secrets with you.  He took the time this summer in between tournaments to do just that.  Gabe shares, “I'm excited that we have a big year coming up for One Pocket, including the BCAPL bringing the U.S. Open One Pocket Tournament to the Riviera in Las Vegas next May.”  
Gabe explains that his Beginner/Intermediate DVD “covers all the basics you need to know to learn how to play this great game. This video covers the break, break returns, banking, and kicking systems, as well as ball count strategy.”  Gabe adds, “I recommend this for those wanting to learn the game, and also for players and/or league players that carry an average 6 and under.”

“In the Advanced DVD,” Gabe continues, “this is a great DVD to help players master the strategic game of one pocket. It covers more power moves like coming out of the break as well as kick banks, carom banks, double kiss banks and more strategy techniques.”  Gabe says, “I recommend this for those wanting to take their game to a higher level and for league players with a handicap of 6 or higher”

Retail for each is DVD is $29.95 + $1.89 (6.3% Kansas sales tax) + $4.95 s/h. Total $36.79.

Gabe is offering an Introductory Holiday Pre-Sale Special of BOTH for only $44.95 + $2.83 (6.3% Kansas tax) + $7.95 s/h. Total $55.73 (a savings of $14.95).
For faster processing, payments can be made through Paypal via his website at For checks and/or money orders please email for shipping address.  Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
DVD's are also available at wholesale prices for retailers! Please email for pricing information.