Gabe Owen Runs Over Nevel in Chattanooga

Gabe Owen

Gabe Owen left no doubt who the best player was in Chattanooga at the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship. He simply destroyed Larry Nevel 15-6 in the finals at the Diamond Billiard Club. This was one of the toughest fields in regional tour history. Just making it to the final four was more of a challenge than most champions could endure. Riding into town for this event were no less than the likes of Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Cliff Joyner, Sparky Ferrell, Stevie Moore and the aforementioned Owen and Nevel.

There were many matches throughout the week that were worthy of attention, but the finals match was one that really showcased what a former US Open champion can do when his arm is loose and his focus strong. Gabe first gained momentum early in the match by taking advantage of some scratches that Nevel gifted him. But when the scoreline reached 10-6, Owen let it all out and ran out the set to end the match at the dominating score of 15-6!