GB 9-Ball Tour and Virtual Pool 4

The GB 9 Ball Tour are proud to announce that a strategic co-marketing partnership has been formed with computer games developer Celeris, which will see the inclusion of GB9 and its players in their upcoming release, Virtual Pool 4.
The Virtual Pool franchise has been the market leader in billiards computer games since the first installation of the series all the way back in 1995. Its opening title contained 9-Ball, 8-Ball, 14:1 and Rotation. The series grew rapidly, and just two editions later, in 2000, Virtual Pool 3 boasted no less than 20 different games with the likes of three cushion carom, and even snooker, taking pride of place. Such is the success of the brand that 11 years on from its launch there is still an active online community who play the game on a regular basis. Celeris have recently been hard at work producing what will surely be the most comprehensive and realistic billiards simulation ever seen.... Virtual Pool 4.
Both Celeris and GB9 have been quick to praise this partnership:  
Chief Executive Officer of Celeris, Steve Chaplin, kindly spoke to GB9 prior to this release; "We are very excited about this partnership with one of the premier professional pool organizations in the world. GB9 and Celeris are very similar in terms of providing high quality in the game. GB9 and many of its players will be part of our pro tour career mode. The GB 9 Ball Tour and Celeris will work together to promote both 'games'."
GB9 chairperson, Jonathan Mathers, commented; "It's fantastic news that Celeris and GB9 are able to work together at a time when both are striving to promote American pool to a wider audience. We're sure that current GB9 players will relish the opportunity to feature in the world leading Virtual Pool franchise, giving recognition to their talent and achievements at a time when 9 ball pool in Britain is rapidly growing in popularity."
All current GB9 members playing in the 2011 season are eligible to sign up to take their place in the game; please visit and follow the instructions.
If you are interested in joining the tour and potentially being a part of Virtual Pool 4 upon its release, we recommend you keep regular checks on the GB9 website at for provisional dates of qualifiers for the 2012 season.
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