George Cornelius wins Bigwigs 20K Tour Stop

George Cornelius and Ken Botham

Bigwigs Billiards in Newmarquet was just perfect this weekend, 61 players converged here for the 19th stop on the 20K tour. Ken Botham, Rob Blair along with Brian Bedford from Dunlop Billiards in Barrie were there to welcome all players and support the tour.

With the tables just serviced and playing well, players were happy to play at Bigwigs and we had a repeat champion on the 20K Tour.

George Cornelius prevailed once again with a sure footing in the finals where he lost once, took a small break and reloaded both barrels to cruise to victory against a very good opponent.

The last 4 on the A side featured:

Top: Dan Doerner 8+ vs. R. Hall 8+ (match is 8-8) and it was Dan 8-5.

Bottom: George Cornelius 7 vs. Rob Blair 7+ (match is 7-8) and it was a hill-hill win for George.

The 'hot seat' match was between Dan Doerner 8+ vs. George Cornelius 7 (match is 9-7) and George won 7-7.

On the one loss side we had top bracket Tol Kuy 8 vs. Brian Cameron 5 (match is 8-5) and Tol won 8-2. Lower bracket was Scott McDonald 8+ vs. Keith Dusome 5+ (match is 8-5) and Scott won with a sound 8-1 score.

Then it was R. Hall 8+ vs. Tol Kuy 8 (match is 9-8) and R. Hall won with a score of 9-5 and Tol Kuy settled for 5/6.

Scott McDonald 8+ vs. Rob Blair 7+ (match is 8-7) with Scott McDonald defeating Rob Blair hill-hill for 5/6.

R. Hall 8+ bested Scott McDonald 8+ (match is 8-8) by the score of 8-4 and Scott took 4th place. R. Hall 8+ vs. Dan Doerner 8+ and R. Hall won 8-4.

R. Hall 8+ earned a trip back to the A side where he had to defeat George Cornelius 7 twice to take the stop. It turned out to be an easy task the first time as he won by a 9-5 score.

Everyone had then lost once and after a short break they engaged in the final match and "King George" wanted no part of this and aimed both his barrels at R. Hall taking the stop with a 7-4 victory. There can only be one and it was "King" George Cornelius capturing the stop again. Congratulations George, well done!!

Happy Valentines to you all and tell your loved ones how much you care, do it before your time is up.

Results are:
1- George Cornelius $ 1400.00 ** Calcutta
2- R. Hall $ 800.00 ** Calcutta
3- Dan Doerner $ 500.00 ** Calcutta
4- Scott McDonald $ 275.00 ** Calcutta
5- Tol Kuy $ 150.00 ** Calcutta
6- Rob Blair $ 150.00 ** Calcutta
7- Brian Cameron $ 50.00
8- Keith Dusome $ 50.00

The second chance tournament was won by:
1- Melanie Chen $ 70.00
2- Barry Culbert $ 30.00

Please note a typo error in the poster for Pool Paradise next event re: Date. It should be March 4-5 instead of 3-4.