German Birilli-Team is optimistic

Only one more week to go until the European Championships in Brandenburg an der Havel will start. Europe's biggest Billiards event is ready to give a warm welcome to the more than 400 participants. From the 12th until 21st of April the balls will roll on the twenty tables in the “Stahlpalast” close to the stadium.

Among the athletes is also the German Birilli-Team. In this discipline with 5 small pins on the table the quartet around head-coach Gerd Kunz is the titleholder. Just two years ago they succeeded to defeat the all-powerful Italians. As this happened just in San Marino – so it was almost a home-match for Italy – the Azzurri are ready for the revenge, now.
According to Gerd Kunz they will send the best players to Germany to fight back for the gold medal: "The Italians will have all big names in their team. Numerous World-and European champions”, he reports. But the veteran also adds: “We are well prepared and ready. Of course we know that we will be the hunted but we’ll have to deal with it.” As sharpest opponents besides Italy he mentioned France, Denmark and Switzerland.

In any case it’s worth taking a look at the Birilli-championships. The rules are understood pretty fast and you can quickly follow the game and its difficulties. Besides the team also the juniors and men will find their individual European champions.

All results of the European Championships can be found on The Billiards Magazin “Touch” will publish all press releases and pictures on their website Furthermore will broadcast all twenty tables live via Internet.