Giallorenzo goes undefeated to win Tri-State stop

Dave Danchak, Chuck Giallorenzo and Eddie Perez


In 2011, Chuck Giallorenzo was credited with seven appearances on the Tri-State tour, and though always among the top seven finishers, he only won it once, in October. Just shy of one year later, at the same location - Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ - he chalked up another one, going undefeated and defeating Dave Danchak twice to do it. The $500-added event on September 8 drew 40 entrants.

From among the winners' side final four, Giallorenzo sent Jack Smith west 7-2, as Danchak was busy with a victory over Eddie Perez 6-3. In their first of two meetings, Giallorenzo prevailed 7-3 to sit in the hot seat, waiting for Danchak to come back. 

Perez moved over to the loss side and picked up Mike Rodriguez, who'd downed Antonio Navarro 6-1 and Robert Veit (winner of the August 25 stop) 6-4, to reach him. Jack Smith picked up Christian Smith, who'd gotten by Brian Hunter and John Trobiano, both 7-6. Perez advanced to the quarterfinals 6-5 over Rodriguez, while Smith (Jack) downed Smith (Christian) 7-2.

It was Perez winning the quarterfinal battle over Smith (Jack) 8-6, setting up a semifinal re-match against Danchak. Danchak beat him again; this time, though, by a smaller, 6-5 margin. Giallorenzo took the opening set of a potential true double elimination final by the same score he'd chalked up in the hot seat match, 7-3.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff of Castle Billiards for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Human Kinetics. The next stop on the Tri-State Tour is scheduled for September 15, at the Cue Bar, in Bayside, NY.