Glass City Open Day Two

As day two of the Glass City Open draws to a close, the winners side will be down to just sixteen players (with the completion of one final match). Two of the last three year's event winners are still on the winners side as both Johnny Archer and Nick Varner won their Thursday matches. Other winners side winners included Al Lapena who scored a hill-hill win over Corey Deuel and Earl Strickland with a 10-8 win over Dennis Hatch.

Friday winners side matches will start at 7pm and will include Shawn Putnam vs Earl Strickland, Al Lapena vs Larry Nevel, Robb Saez vs Danny Basavich and Tommy Kennedy vs Adam Smith.

The one loss side is now full of top players including Danny Harriman, Corey Deuel, Keith McCready, Jim Rempe, Dennis Hatch and Charlie Bryant.

Online brackets are updated and we will have more photos from Diana Hoppe on Friday.