Glen Olson wins the open and Denny Singletary takes day two of the amateur side at the Bob and Brad Martin Memorial

Glen Olson and Denny Singletary took first place in their respective open and amateur events at The Bob & Brad Martin Memorial held August  8th & 9th at the Miscue Lounge, Fort Myers, FL.  The $1,000-added open event drew 18 tough players, while the $300-added amateur event drew 26.??

Denny Singletary, in the amateur event, came from the one - loss side to defeat Trey Jankowski in a final race to 9, winning 9-5. In an event that was loaded with talent, Jankowski got to the hot seat first, while Singletary worked his way back from the one loss side beating Dave Eytcheson 5-4, Kent Jacobs 5-1 and Shaun (Hit Man) Jones 5-2 on his way to get to the final match to defeat Jankowski 9-5.??

Glen (G-Man) Olson, also came from the one – loss side in the open event to defeat Tommy Kennedy in a final race to 12, winning 12-9. The event went very smooth, ending just after midnight.  Kennedy worked his way through the pack of players that included likes of, Nathan Rose, Richey Rich, Willie Mc Bride and Dave Eytcheson. In the race to the hot seat Kennedy sent Olson packing to the loser's side, only to wait for sharp shooting Nathan Rose, who defeated Richey Rich 7-1. Kennedy waited to meet up with the (G-Man) Olson, who fought his way through a very tough match with Nathan Rose, defeating Rose 7-6 to get another shot at Kennedy.

Olson was determined and ready for the finals and both players played hard to a 7-7 tie. In rack 15, Kennedy missed a shot and Olson took control of the match, defeating Kennedy 12-9.