Glenn Atwell Takes Down Seattle Open

The 5th annual Seattle Open at Uncle Jack's Billiards was held Aug.6-7 , chock full of the best players in the NW. With most of the usual suspects in attendance in the end it was probably the best known standing on his own...Glen Atwell.

Play got underway  with 33 players competing for a share of the over $3000 prize pool. This number was made possible due to our sponsor Dave Jones Custom Cues. Dave made one of his beautiful cues to raffle off and as usual it was easy to sell all of the tickets. The envy of all who purchased some was winner Margie Avlon who bought 2  just to support the local players and business'. Dave Jones donated all the proceeds ($550) to the purse all of which was designated to first place. A special thanks to Dave for his role in making this a very successful tournament and adding to the prestige it already had.

Uncle Jack's owner (Randy Camantigue) and staff (Anna, Katelyn, Candice, and Annie) were ready to go. Even sporting new cloth so all is matching put on by table mechanic extrodinaire Randy Smith. With 4 women showing we decided to give their entries back to the highest placing woman which was won by Cindy Sliva who nearly made the real money. Jack's has been doing things like this and keeping the race to 9 on both sides to entice those who may be on the fence to play. I believe all their work paid off as a good time was had by everyone..

Saturday was a dash for the cash as everyone returning Sunday was getting paid leading to a few early round upsets putting players like defending champ Damian Pongpanik to the b-side. Meanwhile Mark Vidal and Glenn Atwell seemed to be very focused on the job at hand, 1st places $1175. They would find themselves match up for the point match Sunday afternoon only to have Mark emerge as the victor. Determined for a rematch Glenn dispatched Paul Poiter, who has just returned to the scene. Feeling good with his play and that this was a true double elimination event Mark waited to see who was going to be his last hurdle, it would be Glenn. As the finals got underway it began to look like we were in for a long night as Mark and Glenn traded games in the first set with Glenn emerging victorous sending us in to a second set, double dip possibilty. To no surprise the second set followed suit with the push pull match you would hope for from two players of their caliper. Being the one who capitalized the most on the few mistakes that were made Glenn Atwell is this years Seattle Open CHAMP! Congrats Glenn on a tournament well played! Hope to see you all at our next event. Be on the look out for our new name, Paradise Billiards, coming soon.

1st Glenn Atwell  $1175
2nd Mark Vidal  $500
3rd Paul Poiter  $350
4th Damian Pongpanik  $275
5-6th Randy Camantigue  $200
        Kevin Fong
7-8th Lance Mason  $150
        Mitchell Henderson
h/w Cindy Sliva  $200