Gold Members Giveaway for July Features OB Cues, Delta-13 and Masters Chalk

The July Gold Members Giveaway drawing will be held Thursday, July 4th. This month we have two truly fine prizes for our first and second place winners. Our first place winner will be receiving a fine OB Cocobolo Handle Birdseye Maple Cue Model 129. Our second place winner recieves a precision-engineered walnut bronze Delta-13 Elite rack.


We are very pleased to be partnering with OB and Delta-13, two of the true innovators in the industry. The OB Cue is American made in Plano, Texas, and they sponsor two players who have done the brand proud of late: Corey Deuel and Alex Pagulayan. OB is also the Title Sponsor of the OB Cues Ladies Tour and is a sponsor of many major and regional events. The cue we are giving away this month, the 129, features an unwrapped cocobola handle surrounded by a solid birdseye maple forearm and butt. It comes complete with a 3/8 - 10 pin OB Classic shaft with the black collars and OB Stitch Rings.


The Delta-13 Elite rack is simply the finest rack ever made. The parent company manufactures precision aircraft parts and they are used to dealing with tolerances that are measured in tens of thousandths of an inch. Manufactured in Parker, Colorado, the Delta-13 gives a perfectly tight rack on quality cloth with no tapping. It does not ever warp out of shape. Mine is at least five years old and gives perfect racks every time. The precision of these racks is so fine that they provide you with a tolerance sheet that describes every angle of every rack. Once you try the Delta-13 other racks will only make you angry.


We also have some goodies for our 3-5th place winners. Each of you will receive 5 pieces of the new Sky Blue Master Chalk. We will throw that in with the Delta-13 and the OB Cue as well. Master chalk has sponsored pro pool for scores of years and is the predominant chalk in any tournament room.


The Gold Members Giveaway occurs during the first week of each month unless we are traveling and in that case as soon as possible after we return. To qualify for the drawing you must simply be an AZB Gold Member on the day that we do the drawing. To become a Gold Member simply go here. Once you have won a first place prize you will be ineligible for another first place prize for 18 months. Second-place winners may win first place but not second for another 18 months. No restrictions on others. May we add: a single first-place win will cover the cost of a Gold Membership for over a dozen years.