GoPlayPool Announces New Features on Mobile App

Today, GoPlayPool announced that they have launched new sections in their free mobile application.  The new sections will include an improved directory of pool halls in the United States.  The directory has been upgraded with new features like a more user-friendly search capability, more organized maps and more.  Now, users can click on the “Nearby Tab” and the GPS in their mobile device will show them the pool halls in their location automatically.  Also, within directory pages, GoPlayPool Member rooms will be listed in a “Featured Rooms” section in their respective states.  
Other segments which have been added are an instructional and information section called “GoPlayPool 101”.  In this section, users can find a wide range of information including over 300 instructional videos and over 100 illustrated and descriptive drills.  There are also hundreds of hours of information compiled from difference sources covering almost every aspect of pool that one could think of.  GoPlayPool has also introduced segments like a “Did You Know” section with fun and interesting facts in the world of pool and billiards, stories about players and events throughout history and much more.  
GoPlayPool owner Mary Ann Starkey says, “We are so excited about introducing these new features and the improvements we’ve made in certain sections of the app.  It’s a continuous process to keep our users engaged and coming back for more, and we’re very pleased to have the opportunity to give our users something new and exciting like this.  There is so much information contained in these new sections, you could literally spend thousands of hours reading, learning and implementing this information into your own pool game.  I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks once they’ve had a chance to browse through all of the new content on the app.”
GoPlayPool would like to thank the talented and dedicated people who contributed their knowledge and work to this segment.  Mary Ann says, “It was a group effort which included Mr. Allan Sand of Billiard Gods, Mr. Bert Kinister, “Dr. Dave” Alciatore at Billiard University, Mr. Max Eberle, and last but certainly not least, Mr. Philip Capelle.  We, at GoPlayPool are excited and honored to have them be a part of the GoPlayPool family, and have their hard work and information featured on the GoPlayPool App.”
The GoPlayPool App is a free mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.  It is a pool hall finder for the United States.  The app helps players find locations to play pool and offers pool hall and bar owners an affordable way to advertise their establishments and promote pool tournaments and events that they have in their rooms.  GoPlayPool App Member rooms receive great incentives when they sign up, including a free 30 day trial and product offers from companies like Kamui and other participating businesses. For pool halls or bars interested in advertising their establishment on the GoPlayPool App, they can sign up at  
The GoPlayPool App team is constantly looking for ways to improve their product, and encourages its users to contact them with suggestions or input.  You can reach GoPlayPool by visiting their website, social media pages or by email at