announces Giveaway winner and Kent Davis, owner and operator of KD Cues announced the winners in the Valentine's Day Giveaway on February 13, 2013.  The contest ran for a little over 2 months and proved to be very successful, getting hundreds of entries, and ending up with winners all across the country.  

Incredibly, with all of the entries from just about every state in the U.S., the lucky winner of the Kent Davis cue, case and shirt ended up being local to the Los Angeles area.  Ryan Santos, of Lomita, CA was the grand prize winner.  

Mary Ann Starkey, owner of stated, "I laughed when a few of the numbers picked by fans ended up being people we actually know from local tournaments and pool halls.  When I drew Ryan's name out of the 10 finalists, I laughed even harder.  The odds of drawing someone we actually knew were so slim, but in the end, we were pleased, as we got to physically hand the cue over and even take photos with Ryan." will be holding future contests with even larger prizes in the future.  "We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in our venture, and we are looking forward to many more fun events and contests.  This is a great thing for the sport, and the players." said Ramin Bakhtiari, owner of

Players and fans can stay updated on future contests, events and more by downloading the free GoPlayPool app on their Apple or Android devices (Keyword: goplaypool), or by connecting with them on Facebook, and visiting the website.  

Grand Prize winner:  
Ryan Santos - Lomita, CA

Shirt winners:   
Mike Weed - Las Vegas, NV
Cody Segura - Delcamdre, LA
Shannon Sutter - Pleasant Plains, AK
Chris Santana - San Pedro, CA
Hermann Schmitt - Jeffersonville, KY
Derek Reynolds - Dublin, OH
Devra Robledo - Anaheim, CA
Mark Pfeiffer - Fort Wayne, IN
Melissa Fenley - Smithville, TX is a FREE mobile application (for Apple and Android) and a website that acts as a pool hall/bar finder.  It features an ever-changing database of rooms that feature pool tables.  When these rooms join, GoPlayPool creates detailed profiles of what they offer their customers.  While the main focus is pool & billiards, GoPlayPool allows the rooms to showcase all of their amenities. Anything and everything they offer for their customers, from food and beverages to any tournaments and games.