Gorst Wins International Open Big Foot Event

Fedor Gorst

Fedor Gorst turned in a phenomenal performance and won the International Open Big Foot 10-Ball event on Wednesday night at the Sheraton Waterside in Norfolk, Va. 

Even for Gorst, this was a an astounding display on the tight Diamond 10’ table that had humbled players this week. Gorst played like he was on a practice table though. His Total Performance Average (TPA) was 970 for his first two matches, against David Alcaide and Jayson Shaw. Those two performances were just one or two shots away from the best any player has ever performed on the Big Foot table. 

Gorst’s semi-final match against Albin Ouschan was his worst match of the event, where he only shot a 934,  on his way to scoring an 11-6 win. 

The final match saw Gorst back in top form, as he looked to be on his way to crushing Joshua Filler, leading 9-2 in the race to 11 match. The talk at the event was whether Gorst could better his 970 TPA from the first two rounds, but the pool gods had other ideas and punished Gorst with scratches on the break in his next two breaks. Filler is not someone who needs much of a late match opening to steal a match from someone and he quickly got back to within two racks at 9-7. 

That was as close as Filler would be able to get though, as Gorst won the next two racks for the 11-7 win and his first major event win on the Big Foot table.

Play at the International Open now focuses on 9-ball with just 48 players remaining in the open 9-Ball event at the beginning of play on Thursday. Those  players will compete in races to ten until the final sixteen players are redrawn into a single elimination bracket. 

Fans can watch not only the featured table with full commentary, but also any other table at the event with the Accu-Stats PPV coverage. They can also follow all of the action online with real-time scoring and online brackets all week long.

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