Grady’s Legends of Bank Pool Finishes Up With Josh Roberts Winning

As previously reported, Grady's in Lexington, South Carolina, hosted the Legends of Bank Pool competition this weekend (September 26th-28th) and had a very competitive field in attendance including Josh Roberts, Brian White, Red Calhoun, Shannon Lundy, Scott Rabon, Grady Mathews, Matthew Dugger, and Kevin Brown.  The field was light in the way of quantity but not in the way of quality play.

Those in attendance kept all eyes on the tables as there were plenty of crowd pleasing three rail shots completed - as Freddy the Beard would say, “banks that don't go but do”.  

For Josh Roberts, he was right on target to take down the top prize of $700, but went about it the long way.  Earlier in the event, spectators saw Roberts defeat White 5-3; Rabon down Lundy 5-0; Mathews best Calhoun 5-2; and Brown overcome Dugger 5-1.  The rounds that followed included first losses for Roberts to Rabon and Mathews to Brown.  The one-loss side saw White over Lundy and Dugger succumb to Calhoun.

Rabon held the hot-seat after a win over Brown, while Roberts took a bit longer of a route by defeating Mathews and Brown to reach Rabon in the finals.  

Earlier in the event, during the first meeting between Rabon and Roberts, Rabon dominated the set 5-0.  But in the finals, Roberts held his ground to the very end.  Roberts broke first and scratch, but eventually took control and went up 2-0 on the scoreboard.  The third game saw Rabon win five balls to three to make the score a bit closer 2-1 and then in the fourth he went up four balls to negative one, but Roberts did not leave any one rail banks during the rest of the game and he managed to work his way back for the win, score 3-1.

The fifth game was controlled by Rabon and the score reflected 3-2 when it ended.  The next couple of games were hard fought with Roberts winning the sixth game five balls to four.  Then Rabon did the same to him in the next – score 4-3.  The eighth game was the decider though, Rabon had a chance and went up two balls to zero, but in the end, Roberts finished off the match 5-3.

Upcoming events at Grady's are as follows:

Grady's Bar Table Championships
October 31 - October 2, 2008
$1,000 added
Entry $60 (includes $20 green fees), played on bar tables-9ball, races to eleven, double elimination

Carolina Ladies J. Pechauer Tour
November 22 - 23, 2008
$750 added
For more info: Alicia Putnam at (828) 648-3019/(828) 508-1217 or email

National Championship Series Qualifier
November 29 - 30, 2008
$500 added
Entry $50 (amateur); $75 (pros) (all entries include green fees)$500 added (based on 32 players)
For more info: Mathew Duggers

Grady's Legends of One-Pocket
December 5 - 7, 2008
$1,200 added
Entry $100 (includes $20 green fees), played on 9ft tables, races 4W/3L

Carolina Ladies J. Pechauer Tour
February 21 - 22, 2009
$750 added
For more info: Alicia Putnam at (828) 648-3019/(828) 508-1217 or email

For additional information on any of the events above (with the exception of the Carolina Ladies J. Pechauer Tour), contact the venue directly at (803) 957-7665.