Grau goes undefeated to win his second Western New York Tour stop

Dave Grau and Nick Brucato

Dave Grau, who hasn't finished lower than fifth in a tournament since March, added a second victory on the Western New York Tour to that list with an undefeated day on Saturday, November 19. The event drew 15 entrants to Six Pockets Billiards Café in Rochester, NY, the site, as well, of Grau's victory in October.

From among the winners' side final four, Grau faced Mark Hatch (uncle to Dennis Hatch), as tour director Nick Brucato squared off against Jose Mirabelle. Grau downed Hatch 6-1, as Mirabelle sent Brucato west in a double hill match. Grau gt into the hot seat with a 6-3 victory over Mirabelle and waited for what turned out to be Brucato's return.

First up for Brucato on the loss-side was Jerry Sullivan, who'd defeated Dan Muosci and Brian Doty, both 4-2 to reach him. Hatch picked up Chad Christiansen, who'd survived two straight, double hill matches against Adam Techolph and Rick Sciotti. Christiansen's third straight double hill match proved to be his downfall, as Hatch advanced to the quarterfinals. Brucato joined him, following his 4-2 victory over Sullivan.

Brucato allowed Hatch only a single rack in those quarterfinals and got a chance at revenge against Mirabelle, who'd sent him west in the winners' side final four match. Brucato took full advantage, chalking up his second straight 4-1 victory and turning to face Grau in the hot seat. Grau completed his undefeated day with a 6-4 victory over Brucato.

Brucato thanked Six Pockets Billiards Café owner, Terry Horan, and his staff for their hospitality, and noted that the tour's next stop will be on Thanksgiving weekend; Saturday, November 26, at Bison Billiards, in Buffalo, NY.