Great matches dominate Palatine Viking event

Shawn Putnam defeated Basavich 9-8 on Sunday
Great matches dominate Palatine Viking event

The Viking Tour regional championship at Quentin Corner Pocket in Palatine, IL is into day two matches and the fans are getting spoiled by great matches.

Jamie Baraks, who has been dominating the Viking Tour over the last month, is undefeated and will be playing Marco Marquez on Sunday. Baraks knocked tournament favorite Jimmy Wetch to the one-loss side with a 9-3 victory.

Local favorite Sergio Perez scored a 9-8 win over Danny Basavich on the winner side, which set up a match between Basavich and Shawn Putnam on the one-loss side. That match was one that both players will want to forget. At 8-8, Basavich scratched on the 5-ball, leaving Putnam ball-in-hand with four balls left. Putnam made the 6-ball and then missed the 7-ball in the side pocket. Basavich made the 7-ball but scratched again, leaving Putnam the final 2 balls with ball-in-hand and the 9-8 win.

WPBA Star Sarah Rousey ended up one spot out of the money as she saw a 7-1 lead over Ed Flatt turn into a 9-8 loss.

The winners side is down to eight players as of the time of this report. We will have a complete report on this event later today.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe