Great Southern Billiard Tour Kicks Off Tour Championship at Diamond Billiard Club

Shannon Daulton

The time has finally come for the long awaited Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship event which officially kicked off this evening and will run through Sunday (January 24th-27th) at the Diamond Billiard Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. will be providing bracket updates throughout the week, along with updates periodically on the excitement straight from the Tournament Directors that will be running the big show Marge Cooper, Shannon Daulton and Steve McDonald.

There are many notable names attending one of the various events throughout the remainder of the week including Alex Pagulayan, Cliff Joyner, Gabe Owen, Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Larry Nevel, Tony Fargo, Stevie Moore, Chad Vilmont, Rafael Martinez, Ronnie Wiseman, Shannon Daulton, Gabe Owen, Jonathan Hennessee, and Billy Young. The women are also well represented with the likes of WPBA professionals Helena Thornfeldt and Monica Webb. If you are in the area, you have the advantage of dropping into the Diamond Billiard Club to see some of the best players in the pool community. The venue will remain open 24 hours during the event with spectator daily passes at $10 a day or $30 for the entire tournament. For more information on the event, contact Diamond Billiard Club at (423) 877-5882.

Over the course of the week, there will be three events in play. The $10,000 added main event has brought out the toughest of the tough with a total field of seventy-eight players and has already gotten underway. Then, on Friday night at 8 p.m., a nine-ball bank ring game will be added to the mix. Currently signed up for this $1000 entry ring game is Shannon Daulton, Billy Young, and Tony Fargo.

Saturday boasts another treat in the form of a $1000 entry ten-ball ring game. This event currently includes such pool-monsters as Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Shannon Daulton, Bobby Pickle, Billy Young, Stevie Moore, and Larry Nevel.

As is always the case, the GSBT loves to have fun, so an added bonus this week will be the addition of Montana performing artist Larry Gibson. For additional information on some of his work, visit or click here for his CD's title song “Cash on the Light”.

Saving the best for last, the tour would like to thank the sponsors that have continued to support their endeavors. Those sponsors include Nick Varner Cues & Cases, Jimmy Reeves Custom Cues & Repairs, and Break N Run Sportswear.

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