Grecar wins CAT Tour qualifier

Day two of the Chesapeake Area Tour (CAT) started with Sueyen Rhee playing Holly Ryan in the one loss bracket, with Rhee resoundingly taking the match 7-1. On the winner's side, Gail Grecar from Cincinnati, Ohio played Ellie Chang from New York City for who would advance into the hot seat. While Chang played a great game, Grecar dominated the table more often than not and won 7-3. In the semifinals, Rhee and Chang traded games until Rhee determinedly broke that spell and took the final two games to advance to the finals.

In the double elimination finals Grecar quickly dominated and took a quick 5-2 lead. In game 8 though, Rhee, also a seasoned veteran regional and national player, would not be thrown by Grecar's 3 game lead and drilled in a 7-9 ball combo to tighten the match. The next game the pool god's were on Rhee's side when the 9 ball was unintentionally knocked into a side pocket. Now Grecar was leading only by one game and it appeared that the tide might be turning towards Rhee. However, while Rhee had been in near dead stroke all weekend, with very few errors, in the next and crucial game, Rhee hung the 8 ball to give Grecar the opportunity to go to the hill. In the next game after executing a tough touch cut shot on the 1 ball and a mine field of balls in the center table area, Rhee found herself hooked behind the 8 ball. Back at the table, Grecar took the gift and ran with it for the win.

The next CAT stop will be October 11-12, 2003 in Arnold, MD.

Photo courtesy of CAT Tour.

1st Gail Grecar $600 + $500 paid spot WPBA Nationals
2nd Sueyen Rhee $400
3rd Ellie Chang $300
4th Holly Ryan $200
5th/6th Carol Clark, Kim Smith $75