Greg Taylor Sobers Crowd at Speakeazy

Greg Taylor, Shannon Daulton, Jimmy Bullis (room owner) and Scott Lewis

Greg Taylor won the first multi-tiered handicap tournament run by the Great Southern Billiard Tour at Speakeazy Billiards in Sanford, NC. The Sanford Amateur Classic drew 62 players from six states and utilized a handicap system that required AA player to race to 9 games while A players had to reach six games and B players needed to get to seven.

Greg Taylor was a B player who made it all the way into the final double-elimination set unscathed. On his way out to the far right side he bested JR Farias (7-5), Charles McClung (7-5), Zack Wilson (7-5), Sidney Champion (7-1), Scott Lewis (7-3) and Bobby Hicks (7-2).

For the final win Taylor faced off against the losers-side winner Scott Lewis. If you have been paying attention you know that Taylor had already faced Lewis on the winner's side and beaten him 7-3. Lewis job in the finals was to beat Taylor twice. He came close, but faltered in the final set. Lewis won the first set 9-3 and looked good to reach the summit. But Taylor found his game again in set #2 and won the set and the championship 7-4.

The Daulton Gang takes the GSBT next into Greenwood, SC at SportsBreak Billiards the last weekend in February.