Gregg Hovey Joins Billiards International

Billiards International, Ltd. has announced that Gregg Hovey has joined the company in the capacity of senior partner. Hovey will oversee various corporate functions, including sponsorship within and outside the billiards industry, liaison with billiards organizations, host site relations, and development of mainstream media promotion. His principle responsibility will center on future growth of the company.

Hovey was formerly the president and CEO of Olhausen Billiards, and served as president of the BCA. "I am absolutely delighted with the venture," he said. "Billiards International is the major producer of special events for ESPN, and has set the standard for quality television over the last eighteen years. I'm eager to be a part of taking the company to the next plateau."

"We are very excited," said Matt & Bettiane Braun, of Billiards International. "Gregg is committed to excellence in every endeavor, and his reputation for leadership will be a vital factor in our future growth. Time and again he has demonstrated a unique ability for innovation and business foresight. We have every confidence that Gregg will play a key role in the expansion and development of Billiards International."