Gregg three-peats Derby Bank Ring Game Win

Brian Gregg (file photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe)
Gregg three-peats Derby Bank Ring Game Win

Over four hundred fifty players are in Louisville with hopes of winning the Derby City banks event, but it a field of six players that ponied up $3000 each to take their chances in the bank ring game on Friday night.

Two time defending champion Brian Gregg was joined by Shannon Daulton, Tony Coleman, Truman Hogue, George Breedlove and Louis Demarco in the event.

Hogue was the first player to be eliminated and next out was Breedlove. Demarco quickly followed Breedlove and Coleman was next to go. This left Gregg and Daulton, but Daulton was in trouble and was not able to keep Gregg from securing his third straight ring game title and $18,000 in prize money.

The second round of banks was stopped for the day and will finish on Saturday.

Round one banks results