Gregg wins Derby Bank Ring Game

Brian Gregg

Brian Gregg defended his title as the Derby City Classic Bank Pool Ring Game winner with another bank pool ring game win on Saturday. The field included Gregg, Truman Hogue, Tony Fargo, Glenn Rogers, Shannon Daulton, Freddy Bentivegna and John Brumback but it was Gregg pocketing the $14,000 winner take all prize.

The main bank pool division will be down to just over 60 players at the end of five rounds of play. Notables still fighting for the tournament win include Dee Adkins, John Brumback, Louis Demarco, Tony Fargo, Truman Hogue, Jason Miller, Larry Nevel and Vivian Villarreal.

The one pocket event will kick off on Sunday with 400 players already signed up and more waiting to add their names to the list on Sunday morning.

Bob Jewett's straight pool event qualifiers ran all day Saturday with Danny Harriman holding the high run of 66 for most of the day. That number was good until John Schmidt ran 84 and then 85 to take high run honors for the day. Jewett announced that he was adding 10% to the payouts for the preliminary and final events based on entry money received so far. The winner of the preliminary rounds will pocket $1650 with the winner of the finals taking home $2200.

Diana Hoppe is at the event and we have posted a full photo gallery from her.

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