Grossman and Hines emerge victorious at the 2nd Annual Andy Grubbs Memorial Emerald Coast Open

The fields get larger and stronger as time goes by. Robin Workman, tournament director and pool room owner, did a phenomenal job making sure players were comfortable and match play was fluid. The food and service were outstanding, as usual.

With over 100 players in attendance to compete for a piece of the $6500 purse, the open division went underway with top players such as Buddy Hall, John Schmidt, Steve Moore, Brian Butler, Pablo Matheu, David Grossman, David Broxson, Scotty Townsend and Brian White.

Ed Ames and Brian White were undefeated on the winner's side, with Ed capturing the hot seat. David Grossman clawed his way through the one loss side on Sunday with wins over Scotty Townsend, Pablo Matheu (9-8), Buddy Hall, Brian White and Ed Ames to take first place.

Complete Payouts:
1st David Grossman $2000
2nd Ed Ames $1000
3rd Brian White $650
4th Buddy Hall $450
5th/6th Pablo Matheu, Steve Moore $300
7th/8th Scotty Townsend, Brian Butler $200
9th/12th Josh Hillard, Penny Flammia, Luther Blades, Stoney Stone $140
13th/16th David Broxson, Paul Turner, Matt Kimbrough, John Schmidt $90
17th/23th Julio Aquino, Rick Howard, Ronnie Woodham, Brian Hinton, Chuck Foster, Denny Fox, Will Perry, Wayne Carr $60

The women's division began Sunday with 15 players. Tracy Hines took first place over Ronni Layton. Notable performances by local players were Heather Rose and Lisa Siples.

Ladies Payouts:
1st Tracie Hines $375
2nd Ronni Layton $225
3rd Lindsay Faulke $140
4th Shauna Alexander $90