GSBT Partners With Ball Rack

The past month was a great indicator of where the Great Southern Billiard Tour was heading with the addition of sponsor, Tiger Products (see announcement here).  As if things could not get any better, the tour has brought on yet another top company that has been making their name known in the billiard industry recently ( for the remaining 2008 tour season through the entire 2009 season.'s parent company RJD Machining, headed up by President Terry A. Taggart, “manufactures precision metal and plastic components for the aerospace, medical device, and computer storage industries.”  RJD Machining is a highly respected manufacturing company located in Colorado which has recently developed the DELTA-13 Ball Rack.  The rack's “one-hundred percent 6061 billet aluminum ensures no warping, bending, bowing or splintering” and offers not only a lightweight feel, but features an ergonomically designed pocket grip for control/placement.  Many of you have probably seen the rack being used at many events and this is your chance to see it in action!

All future tour dates will be played with the new official rack of the tour on-hand starting with The Player's 10-Ball Championship (open event) that is scheduled for November 18th-23rd at King Street Billiards in Fayetteville, North Carolina (910) 425-7665.  This event will offer players and spectators alike the opportunity to not only see the best in the country compete, but a chance to check out the innovative DELTA-13 rack.

For more information on the GSBT itself, contact Shannon Dalton at (865) 850-4572 or for details on DELTA-13 racks or other exciting products made by this new sponsor, stop into