Guinness World Series of Pool kicks off 3rd year with bold new format and introduces women players for the first time

The third consecutive Guinness World Series of Pool in Indonesia makes a ground-breaking move to introduce a brand new format in Speed Pool, and feature women cue masters for the first time in the competition, led by none other than the world famous ‘Black Widow', Jeanette Lee seeks to champion the ladies' cause.

Guinness, in partnership with ESPN STAR Sports, have introduced a new element with speed being the key to victory as players with the fastest time to pocket all balls wins the game. This modified 10-Ball system ensures that fans and competitors alike will be in for a much more dynamic and exhilarating 10-Ball competition.

And fans can expect nothing less than blistering, edge of the seat pool action with marquee names such as defending champion Ko Pin-Yi (TPE), 2007 US Open 9ball Champion Shane Van Boening (USA) , 2012 World 8ball Champion Karl Boyes (GBR) and local hero and 2010 GWSOP runner-up Irsal Nasution (INA) all joining in the fray.

With some of the biggest names in the world of pool competing for glory, prestige and a total Grand Prize of over US$100,000.00, all eyes will be on the action that begins with the regional qualifiers this May with the Grand Finals taking place this July.

Guinness, the world's number one stout, remains at the forefront in promoting the growth of pool in Asia with its staging of the Guinness World Series of Pool in Indonesia.

Addressing the call to provide ample opportunities for its consumers to participate, Guinness has further expanded the qualifications to 27 cities and 59 Pool Houses all over Indonesia, from Medan to Jayapura. The semi-finals will be held in five cities: Manado, Jakarta, Medan, Makassar and Surabaya with the Grand Finals taking place in Surabaya as well.

“Guinness World Series of Pool is living proof of Guinness' commitment in the promotion of pool sport in Indonesia and in delivering more opportunities for our consumers to make a difference and live life to the full. Speed pool is becoming a new trend worldwide, and Guinness Is proud to be involved in bringing this bold and challenging pool format to Indonesia.” Says John Galvin, Representative of Guinness

“I am so excited to be here in Manado and to be a part of the Guinness World Series of Pool 2012.  This has opened a lot of opportunities to many international and local pool talents to earn international recognition. This new Speed Pool format is a very bold and challenging, I can't wait to compete against both the Indonesian pool players and international players.  For all the Manado pool players and fans, I look forward to seeing you at the City Finals!” states Ko Pin Yi, World Cuemaster from Taiwan.

The 2012 Guinness World Series of Pool – Speed Pool Tournament is sanctioned by the Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) and organized by ESPN STAR Sports' Event Management Group (EMG). Guinness is the title sponsor for the Event. Fisherman's Friend and are the official sponsors.  The local sanctioning body is the All Indonesian Billiards Association (POBSI). Iwan Simonis and Aramith supply the official tablecloth and official pool balls respectively. Murrey provides the official pool table while Predator is the official cue. ESPN is the official broadcaster. 

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