Gulf Coast Classic continues on Friday

John Brumback was still undefeated in two divisions

Play continued on Friday at The 2004 Gulf Coast Classic with all three divisions in action.

The One Pocket division was down to matches between the final four on the winners side. Marco Marquez was playing Buddy Hall, while Mike Surber had just defeated Ike Runnels. The one loss side still had hopefuls that included Tony Fargo, Wade Crane, Bill Blanda and Ray Martin.

In the Bank Pool division, the final four undefeated players were Buddy Hall, Jason Miller, Runnels and Gerald Reichle. Still in conention on the one-loss side were Freddy the beard, Benny Conway, John Brumback and Jamie Farrell.

The 9-Ball division had the most players still undefeated including Steve Deason, Cliff Joyner, Jason Miller, Marquez, John Schmidt and John Brumback.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe