Gunia, Fenton and Anderson win Nebraska State Invitational

Dustin Gunia

Four more stops on the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) were hosted at the Nebraska State Invitational at Fort Crook Billiards in Bellevue, NE, on the weekend of October 24-26.  The $1,200 added event showcased four divisions competing in double-elimination formats on 7-foot bar boxes.  In the 9-Ball division defending champion Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) ran undefeated to the finals.  In the hot-seat match, Gunia bested Bob Brown (Omaha, NE) 7-2.  Earlier in the A-bracket semi-finals, Gunia turned back Lee Norton (Omaha, NE) 7-4, while Brown defeated Jamie Fenton (Des Moines, IA) 7-3.  In the B-side semifinals Alfredo Carillo (Omaha, NE) eliminated Norton 7-4 at 4th place.  In the B-side finals, Carillo ended Brown's run at 3rd place (7-2), earning Alfredo a place in the tourney finals against undefeated Dustin Gunia.  In the match for the title, Dustin Gunia left no doubt of his dominance this day, taking off the first set for the title win against Alfredo Carillo 7-4.

The Women's 8-Ball division witnessed defending champion Becky Anderson (Omaha, NE) marching to the hot seat with a tight win over Amy Hughes (Omaha, NE) 4-3 in the A-side finals.  In the previous A-side round, Anderson dominated Claire Vaughn (Omaha, NE) 4-1, while Hughes outpointed Jeanne Collins (Omaha, NE) 4-1.  In the B-side semifinals, Dot Cyr (Omaha, NE) eliminated Paula Gloe (Omaha, NE) 4-3.  Hughes then knocked Cyr into 3rd place 4-3, claiming the B-side finals.  The title match went to one set, as Becky Anderson took out Amy Hughes 4-3 in the first set for the event title!

The Men's 8-Ball division saw Jamie Fenton (Des Moines, IA) march to the hot seat with a win over Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) 5-4 in the A-side finals.  In the previous A-side round, Fenton defeated Zack Willis (Omaha, NE) 5-2, while Gunia out stroked Tim Cloyd (Omaha, NE) 5-0.  In the B-side semifinals, Victor Grandstaff (Omaha, NE) eliminated Zack Willis (Omaha, NE) at 4th place.  Grandstaff then succumbed to Dustin Gunia 3-5 in the B-side finals.  The title match went two tight sets, as once-defeated  Dustin Gunia took out undefeated Jamie Fenton in set #1 – 5-4, only to have Jamie Fenton prevail in the deciding set for the event title by the same margin – 5-4!

The Scotch Doubles 8-Ball division featured Dustin Gunia & Dot Cyr (NE) claiming the hot seat with a 5-3 win over the team of Clare Marsh & Chris Sand (NE)!  In the previous A-side semifinals, Gunia/Cyr overcame Amy Hughes & Mel Marsh (NE) 5-4, while Marsh/Sand clipped Claire & Mike Vaughn (NE) 5-4.  The team of Jill Nagel & Zack Willis (NE) gained some momentum in the B-side semifinals by eliminating Hughes/Marsh at 4th place – 5-1.  Nagel/Willis continued their winning ways in the B-side finals by ousting Marsh/Sand 5-4.  The finals was intense as the team of Nagel/Willis had to defeat Gunia/Cyr two sets for the title, and each set went to the hill, 5-4.  When the dust had settled, Nagel/Willis had prevailed for the crown!

By virtue of Dustin Gunia, Becky Anderson and Jamie Fenton being the highest-finishing ACS members in their respective singles divisions, each qualified for a free 9-ball singles entry into the 2009 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS.  The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Pechauer All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2008/2009 All American Tour by contacting the ACS.

Final Results:


1st          Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE)        $325 + Free entry to 2009 ACS Nationals
2nd        Alfredo Carillo (Omaha, NE)       $225
3rd         Bob Brown (Omaha, NE)            $125
4th       Lee Norton (Omaha, NE)              $75

(Men's 8-Ball)

1st        Jamie Fenton (Des Moines, IA)    $320 + Free entry to 2009 ACS Nationals
2nd      Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE)           $220
3rd       Victor Grandstaff (Des Moines, NE)        $105
4th       Zack Willis (Omaha, NE)               $75

(Women's 8-Ball)

1st          Becky Anderson (Omaha, NE)        $250 + Free entry to 2008 ACS Nationals
2nd        Amy Hughes (Omaha, NE)              $125
3rd         Dot Cyr (Omaha, NE)                      $75