Gypsy storms the C2BarBoxTour

With Hurricane Charley sweeping up the coast, The C2BarBoxTour had a hurricane of it's own at Instant Replay Bar & Billiards in Long Island.

Mark "Gypsy" Pantovic rolled through the field like a class 5 hurricane, going undefeated to capture the tour's opening event. Bad weather caused the field to be smaller than expected, but it didn't keep away strong bar table players Jim Pickett and Mike Chartrand, who came down from Canada. Both Canadians played tough matches throughout the tounament, as did Walter Bryska, who made the trek from the Boston area. While Pantovic was in the hot seat, the losers bracket was heating up. Runner up Tim Cahill knocked off Joe Cutler, who in the last 2 years was the 3rd place finisher in the US Amateur Championships,and then avenged an earlier loss to Rubin "Mr.Archer" Supulveda to face Pantovic.

In the finals, Pantovic had no troubles and at one point in the final he shouted to the crowd " Someone call the cops, there's a robbery in progress". Pantovic played flawless the entire tournament and at no point was in any danger of getting knocked off. The lone female in the event, Kim Segal, wife of World Artistic Pool Champion Andy Segal, proved why she is one of the best amateur females in the country. Kim played some strong pool and gave the men all they could handle. The tour's next event is the New York State 8 Ball Championships on September 11th at Instant Replay in Huntington, Long Island.

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1st- Mark Pantovic
2nd- Tim Cahill
3rd- Rubin Supulveda
4th- Joe Cutler
5th/6th- Scott Casagrande,Bob Gipp
7th/8th- Jamie Gremmo, Jeff Marcus