Hard Times-Mezz 10-Ball Open

The 1st Annual Hard Times -Mezz Cues 10-ball Open will be held at the legendary Hard Times Billiards from May 7 to May 9, attracting some of the World's Top Players.

Drawing major names in the industry, such as Efren Reyes, Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris, Thorsten Hohmann, Lee Van Corteza, Stevie Moore and Marcus Chamat, the level of performance should attract numerous billiard fans and media; heightening the expectations of the tournament.

"I'm excited see so many world class players participating in this Hard Times Billiards -Mezz Open. I'm grateful to Mezz for their continued support of the sport and giving us a chance to play on such a competitive pedestal. The competition is tough, and the winner will definitely be a deserving one", said Mika Immonen, 2-time US Open Champion and 2009 Player of the Year.

Eddie Arreguin, Hard Times Billiards owner, shared Mika's enthusiasm: "I'd like to welcome all the superstars here at Hard Times. It's our first annual event for 10-ball, we are happy to see this kind of support from the pros and fans alike. May the best man win!"

The tournament starts 11am May 7 and runs till Sunday evening. tournament information Attendance information, admittance fee $10 Fri-Sat, $15 on Sunday

For more information, please go to TheActionReport.com (TAR) for live stream.
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