Hard Times Summer Jamboree Underway

Francisco Bustamante

The Hard Times Summer Jamboree kicked off on Tuesday with 72 players in the 9-ball division. Top players include Marlon Manalo, Francisco Bustamante, John Schmidt, Jose Parica, Tony Chohan, Edwin Montal, Ismael Paez, Paul Potier, Austin Murphy, Bernardo Chavez and Tyler Edey.

Four rounds of matches are complete on the winners side and Louie Ulrich is on a roll with wins over Paul Potier, Gene Ahola and Marlon Manalo. Ulrich will face Tyler Edey in his next match. The other three winners side matches will be Bobby Hunter vs Edwin Montal, Jeff Gregory vs Francisco Bustamante and Gerardo Jamito vs Jose Parica.

Only one round of matches are complete on the one loss side with only a handful of players eliminated. Those players include Oscar Dominguez who lost to Mark Haddad on Wednesday.

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